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A Vedic School in the pattern of Gurukulam. An example of a living tradition surviving history. This Veda patasala Started in Delhi on 1996, shifted this place on 2008. This Veda Patasala Run by Jyotisha Ratnam, Veda Prachara Ratnam. G.K.Seetharaman. M.A., M.Phil. Now in this Patasala 43 students are studing Krishna Yajur Vedam.

  • Viraraja Homam is performed on every shivaratri on monthly basis for Viboothy preparation
  • Shivarathri pooja on all Sundays
  • Vishnu Sahasranama is chanted everyday for the benefit of all in this world
  • Samithadhanam, Sandhyavanthanam and Gayatrijapam by Gurukulamvidhyarthis as Nithya karma(Daily ritual)
  • ChandiParayanam on all Ashtamithithi